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 Baar Dau

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Imperial Legion
Imperial Legion

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PostSubject: Baar Dau   Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:23 pm

Baar Dau (also known as the Ministry of Truth or Lie Rock) was a celestial rock which hovered above the city of Vivec. According to legend, it was flung from the Void (by either Sheogorath or its own malevolence, depending on the story) but was prevented from crashing into the city by the god Vivec.
Vivec allowed it to remain hovering above the High Fane so that if the
people of the city ever ceased to love him, the rock would fall and
destroy them. Baar Dau was hollowed out by the Tribunal Temple and became the Ministry of Truth, where the Temple would imprison dissident priests and attempt to reform them. The high security prison
was accessible only through levitation, and was directed by a Grand
Inquisitor. The main areas were the Hall of Processing and the Prison
Keep. Temple pilgrims offered levitation potions at the Shrine of
Daring, which was dedicated to Vivec stopping the moon from destroying
the city.

Early in the Fourth Era, after the disappearance of Vivec, the magic keeping Baar Dau afloat began to weaken. Two Dunmer, Sul and Vuhon, created an ingenium, a soul-powered device which supported the rock. It was created by making a pact with Clavicus Vile,
who had a penchant for souls. Hundreds of captured souls were needed to
run the machine, but eventually living people were used. Only people
with the strongest souls were sacrificed. Ilzheven,
Sul's love, was sacrificed by Vuhon, and the ingenium was destroyed
when Sul attempted to rescue her. Without anything holding it up, Baar
Dau continued its ancient fall with the same momentum as when it had
been stopped. This obliterated the city of Vivec, and left a crater
which would become Scathing Bay. In turn, the impact created tsunamis which ravaged mainland Morrowind and caused Red Mountain to erupt, devastating Vvardenfell.
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Dark Brotherhood
Dark Brotherhood

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PostSubject: Re: Baar Dau   Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:27 pm

Vuhon was using Suls wife, Ilzhaven to power the ingenium. Her soul was strong enough to power it and Sul thought she was sacrificed. Turns out when Sul began to take revenge on Vuhon for what he thought was the murder of his wife, the ingenium failed and the ministry collapsed killing Ilzhaven. Ironically, she was alive before Sul tried rescuing her, and because of his actions she is now dead. Sul and Vuhon survived by being flung into a realm of Oblivion.
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Baar Dau

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