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 Maer and the Slayer

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Maer and the Slayer Empty
PostSubject: Maer and the Slayer   Maer and the Slayer I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 01, 2011 7:56 am

Some time ago when Maer had less grey in his hair, he visited Deärn, he has going to Ravenroof: the land of giants but that is different story. He was resting in tavern when a hooded figure abrouced him ''Your.. Maer aren't you?'' he said. ''depends whos asking'' Maer awnsered. ''My name is Sarduk jhoketh, i' m a slayer and i need your help.'' Sarduk has clearily very expriensed slayer, half of his face has burn by something - proubly by a dragon. he was bald and had a beard and like all slayers he had amulet that was made of onyx and was shaped like rose.

''So can i help'' Maer asked and took a sip of his beer. ''Ballisk the damned creature has killed nearly half of Gnölwood, you know the village near by? They managed to drive it away and now its coming here''
''And they hired you to kill it?''
''exacly, but i need help''
''in what? you look like some one how has killed many of them''
''i have but it takes too other but point the mirror at it while other kills it, i will pay in gold''
''sign me in'' Maer said and they left the tavern.

It was night soon but these two didn't care, besides bassilisks are more active at night, anyway these two started to respect each other, they had very simaliar personalities and same belives about the world, they walked for some time until they saw a two shining eyes in the forest. ''don't look them'' Sarduk said.
''i know, basillisks can hyptonaize'' Maer said '' you the the mirror'' he contiened.
''i have'' Sarduk said and gave it to Maer. It was a size of a shield it had no decoration on it and it reflet picture like normal mirror, it was a slayer's mirror not nobel woman's.
''Let me lure it will go for the mirror just hold it but it will hyptonize it self'' Sarduk said and started to run in circles while making loud noises - looked as funny as it sounds.
but it worked soon the bassilisk attacked them, Sarduk ran behide Maer. when the bassilisk saw the mirror it look it was hit by brick in a made.

It was a huge creature, its skins was black and slimy, it had four legs and sharp teeth, scariest part on it was its eyes there was six of them and they were brigth glowing purple and had wierd shapes on them. While the creature confused it self by looking in the mirror, Sarduk sneaked past it, once behide it he climbed at its pack and stabbed the creature into its head, the sword got stuck and wouldn't move and the creature still lived! It turned around and knocked Maer from his feet and breaking the mirror, Maer quickly casted fire at its eyes making it blind. Basillisk sent Sarduk airbourne and chrased into a tree.

Maer reacted quickle he drawed his sword sphytercus - the serpant blade. and attacked the creature, because it was blind killing it was no problem atleast not for Maer. Because the creature was in pain it raured and opened its mouth alot, sarduk waited to that happen. The creature opened its mouth had Maer stabbed it right through the upper jaw, piercing its head.

The creature was dead, job has been done he help Sarduk up who claimed that he just gived Maer chance prove his self, Maer did not belive him, however later he thought that why would veteran slayer fail so horribly at killing a bassilisk. It didn't really matter. Sarduk got his money and gave half of the reward to Maer and spend some of the money to buy more beer, and so did Sarduk too and while drinking those beers Maer said to Sarduk: ''how about using a mirror shield next time?'' and Sarduk replied ''that is a exelent idea''

it was just another day for Maer.
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Maer and the Slayer

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