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 Create-a-quest(Skyrim Edition)

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Create-a-quest(Skyrim Edition) Empty
PostSubject: Create-a-quest(Skyrim Edition)   Create-a-quest(Skyrim Edition) I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 04, 2011 1:41 am

So with Skyrim only a week away and the new Hircine Shrines quest, it got me thinking about what other interesting and fun quests will be in Skyrim. Sooooo, let's talk about and make up some quests here=D

I'll go first as an example:

Quest Name: The Beast of White Pond
Quest Giver: The Nord Tokie, other villagers of White Pond
Goal: To slay the Beast terrorizing White Pond
Reward: The Arm of the beast(A gauntlet that deals extra unarmed damage and gives a bonus to frost resistance and magic), Tokie as a companion
Description: The quest starts in the town of White Pond where a murderous beast has taken residence in the local namesake. So far it has killed two people and numerous pets and livestock. Tokie the skilled has travelled far to witness this creature and now needs help to slay it. First, some information will be needed to know how to slay the beast. Asking the old hag of the town, or reading the book "Krahkd'mustah" will reveal that the beast hates music, and that it's weakness is it's name.
With this knowledge Tokie the bard will offer to accompany you to White Pond so that you and him may slay the creature. Once at White Pond, Tokie will begin playing and the Beast will rise from the water, furious. Now you must speak his name(Using a special dragon shout) to make him vulnerable. Now he will be a tough fight, but killable. Afterwards you can pry the Arm of the Beast off him and Tokie will join you as a companion.


Well there ya guys go, have at it. =D
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Create-a-quest(Skyrim Edition)

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