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 The Three Hags

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PostSubject: The Three Hags   The Three Hags I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 05, 2011 5:10 pm

(Editors note: This story is found in numerous forms all throughout Skyrim, Hammerfell and even the northern parts of Cyrodiil. It is often reenacted during festivals and is a favorite story for Bards to tell)

Long ago, before even the great Tiber Septim walked there were three hags that lived in a tiny shack on an ice island far to the north of known lands. The hags names were Lirry, Sonella and Sedna. Lirry was the youngest and ugliest, who spoke always with a cackling laugh. She had the only eye of the three hags. Sonella was the oldest and wisest of the hags, though her form was concealed beneath layer and layer of bear and horker-skin. The final hag, Sedna, was said to have fallen through from another world. She was the most beautiful of the hags, but she had no fingers.

The three hags guarded a priceless artifact, a weapon that would unite the whole world in fear if it were to be obtained by any mortal. And it was often that mortals would brave the dangerous waters of the north to land on the tiny frozen islands were the hags lived. And it came to be that during the middle of a terrible blizzard, four heros arrived on the island to seek the artifacts.

The hags cackled and laughed at the heroes, for all who attempted to gain their artifact had perished at their hands.

The four heroes were thus:
Lillier a Breton with the gift of the Aldmeri
Sithith, A Chimer with the gift of the shadow
Seria, A man with the gift of war
and Tir, a Nord with no gift.

The hags walked into the blizzard to greet and taunt them. After they introduced themselves, the hags told them that to earn the artifact, they were to accomplish three tasks. The first of which was to slay the great beast underneath the ice island.

Without hesitating, Seria lept into the water, mighty ax clutched tightly in his hands. He swam far down into the dark waters, ignoring the cold as best he could. Finally he saw the Great beast, a monster with two massive eyes, covered in dark scales. Eight eyeless serpents extended from the monsters body and they lashed and pulled at the man, who fought fiercely but was eventually pulled apart and killed by the Great Beast.

The hags cackled and laughed and waited for the next one to try. Lillier stepped forward and using his gift made it so that water would never fill his lungs and descended into the water. At the same time, Sithith grew impatient and stabbed Lirry in the back with his dark blade. The hag screeched in pain and they all three turned and laid the most evil of magicks on the foolish Chimer

While the Chimer suffered, Tir crept into the Hags house and found the weapon he needed . Quickly he swallowed it and ran outside, where the Chimer had finally died. He then spoke:

"Begone Hags!" He said with his new weapon, and the hags fled in different directions. Sedna fell into the sea, Lirry into the deepest depths of the Black Marsh and Sonella fled even further north where the ice is unending.

To the great beast and the Breton who fought him he commanded "Be dead" and so they were.

Finally to the great storm, Tir said "Halt!" and the storm did. Tir set sail back to Skyrim, having come with no gift, and leaving with the gift of the Voice.
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póg mo thóin

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PostSubject: Re: The Three Hags   The Three Hags I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 05, 2011 5:53 pm

Enjoyable read! Well written!
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The Three Hags

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