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 On Dwemer and Nordic ruins - a review

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D3adr3d678-(Matt Darkin)

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PostSubject: On Dwemer and Nordic ruins - a review   Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:26 pm

When Bethesda told us that Dwemer ruins would be returning, it was safe to say I was excited. I remember the first Dwemer ruin I entered during my first playthrough of Morrowind. I was amazed. Were Bethesda able to capture that same feeling in me in this chapter of The Elder Scrolls? Yes, without a doubt. They have re-created the majestic and aw inspiring feeling the Dwemer ruins portrayed the first time around. They show of the technological splendors of the absent Dwemer race.

Now for something we haven't seen much of, Ancient Nordic ruins. The frozen barrows and dusty tombs of the Ancient Nords definately do justice to the Lore and feeling of Skyrim. They have a rough feeling, different to the Dwemerish ruins that portray a feeling of order.

These two very different location types are a great testimate to Bethesda's attention to detail. I look forward to the many discoveries that lay ahead of me.


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On Dwemer and Nordic ruins - a review

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