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 Nemtal: gods

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Nemtal: gods Empty
PostSubject: Nemtal: gods   Nemtal: gods I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2011 11:21 am

I have ment to do this for a while for now, i will list all the gods and their meaning. But of course different cultures have different meaning for different gods for example Edskalians don't belive that Aard is king of gods but instead see him as a demon. I'm going to list these in they way as I-Fangians see them. Amon has simliar meaning as kami in japan but its not part of the god's name its just word that makes them holy. Each god has their own meaning or path that I-Fangians follow, this means that they focus on workshipping only one of their gods rather then them all. I know that i said that I-Fangians has 19 gods but some were just stupid. So here is the gods who i belive are some what interesting and cool. I will make the rest of the gods again and add part 2 soon.
Good gods
Amon Aard - king of heaven, father of gods, keeper of sun. They say that Aard is a dragon whose scales are made of white cleansing fire, those whose souls are filled with honour and courage to knee before the this heavenly beast may workship him and carry his white flame.

Amon Yyrd - Queen of cold, blind justice, mistress of the moons, avatar of mercy, godded of harmony. Opposite of Aard yet she is holy in eyes of many. Marrige between Aard and Yyrd keeps the world in balance. Yyrd is said to be maiden made out of ice and that her 1000 swords will end all missery in end of the world. Yyrds path is for those who can deliver cold and fair justice.

Azhreal - Father of men. one of the two creators of mankind. Azhreal is god of men so only men can workship him. Azhreal is said to be a beard man with eyes of a dragon

Jhai - Mother of women. The second creator of mankind. She is goddess of women so only women can workship her. Azhreal and Jhai are two of the most workshipped gods even though they are dead. Blood of azhreal and Jhai unites all men and women. Jhai is said to be a dragon eyed woman who carries a sword.
Neutral god

Ishmalaan - God of war, beast god of man. Ishmalaan is said to be snow white wolverine but anger and death that happens during wars turns him blood red. Ishmalaan constintly wants blood sacrofices and thats why some call him evil. His path is way of solder.

Ungor - warrior god, heavenly knight commander. Ungor is said to be a drunken boar, his followers are warriors and fighters how love fighting at it purest - brawls. Ungor dosn't want blood spilled, so often tornaments that are made to honour his name are non-leathal
Ungor's path is way of warrior.

Valtmar. Essence of magic, guilder of scholars. Valtmar is not very popular god since I-Fangians are supertisios torwards magic, he is said to be a green scaled dragon. His path is way of a mage.

Areth - God of nature, last of the titans. Areth is not workshipped by many, but he is very respected. Areth as no gender but he is called ''he''. Areth's path is way of druid.

Neth - God of workers. The most populiar god of I-Fangians. Neth belives that hard work brings even greater rewards. Neth is a dragon headed smith. His path is way of worksman (smither, farmer, fisher etc.)
Evil gods

Grimhos - the fallen one, untrusted, demonlord, harvester of souls.
Long time ago Grimhos was the right hand of Aard but he killed Azhreal and was bunished to demonic world of Alz. His demons hunt people with tainted souls. path of Grimhos is path of Murderer.

Necrophius - The first of the undead. Necrophius was killed but cheated dead and arised as undead god. He trades his teachings for souls of mortals. His path is way of Necromancer.

Berssykkar - God of rage, the wounded bear. Berssykkar breeds hatred and chaos. his followers drink a tankrad of bear's blood to master Bersykkar's power, his followers are called berserkers.

Suun - god of greed. he is said to be a greedy old man. Many workship him becase he anwsers prayers but he demands sacrofises, first they can be small but everytime he wants more and more. Suun has no path.
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Nemtal: gods

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