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 Nermtal: magic

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PostSubject: Nermtal: magic   Nermtal: magic I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 28, 2011 7:46 am

Magic is big part of Nermtal every race has it, but its different in kind of magic in every race, for example dwarves are the best that runecrafting when humans are powerful elementallist, how ever every race can practise all types of magic. Magic is something that you born with and it takes years to learn how to control it.

Every being has life energy known as mana that genereted by soul. Mages have more mana other averige people. Air around mages feel heavy and electric, because of the huge preasure that mage's mana creates.

There is different schools of magic, magical talents on different skills individual, Necromansy in expection.

Elementalist: this magic is often trained by humans. Elementallist can change the form of mana into different elements of nature: fire,water,earth and air. Elementallists are often Battlemages because of their offensive abilities.

Healer: healers are rare, they give parts of their mana to heal others, magical healing is miracaly fast. Healers can help the body to find cure against poisons and diseases and also make wounds heal faster. its impossible to directly to person, it must be canaled via silver artifacts or others magic absorbing materials.

Witchcraft: is common among Animans. Witchcraft focuses on the darker side of nature such as disease and dead. Witchcraft is not evil however humans have bad happit to burn its practisers on stakes. Men and women can both practise witchcraft but women are more often claimed to me witches then men. Witch and conjuer disease, curse peole, cast harming spells and take over minds. There is also rumours that witches can turn people into toads and rats, but those are just rumours.

Realmswifting: this is teleporting magic, and very dangerious. Realmswifters and create portal between different places sometimes even different worlds. Danger in this type of magic is is you get trapped between dimensions or teleport into wrong place.

Necromansy: this is an evil thing, forbidden by all cultures. Necromancers take their mana from others souls can imbue it into dead bodies making them ''hollows'' or undead. Hollows are souless slaves, whos only will is their masters. Necromancers belive that to unlock true potential of human body is to become a lich, an immortal begin of dark magic.

Runecrafters/enchaters: humans and elves and such can make minor echantments but Dwarves are superior at this. Runecrafting is about imbuing magic into metal known as ''Rocksidian'', whict are crafted into runes. Runes can contain any type of magic.

Arcane mages: the most basic type of magic, Arcane mage can create light,leviate (for short time), use telekanises and numberious other things, Every mage knows that least a few arcane spells.

Young mages at age of 5 are taken into large wizard tower to get trained in skills of magic. The training lastest 10 to 15 years, after that mages are free. if mage starts to study necromansy templars will be send after him.

Mage fevers start at age of 7 they can last over a year in this time your body starts to create extra mana, at start magic is very unstable this is why proper training is needed.
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Imperial Legion
Imperial Legion

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PostSubject: Re: Nermtal: magic   Nermtal: magic I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 28, 2011 7:44 pm

sounds really cool
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Nermtal: magic

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